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Buy your ski boots early!

Everyone wants to be ready for the season when the snow flies. Many of us will wait until the last minute to deal with new gear. Don't do this! Save Time and Save Money by getting your boots early!

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Before Thanksgiving, we have lots of closeout boots (list here as of early August) from previous years. We also sell most of our new model year boots at the minimum advertised price (MAP price) that the manufacturer allows.

  • When you come in early, you get the best pricing. When you come in early, there typically won’t be a wait list to buy boots; in mid season there is always a wait list.

  • Before the season starts, the fitter will be able to take his or her time to make your new boots feel like slippers. There will be spa like music. Everyone will be in a relaxed good mood.

  • After Thanksgiving, the boot pro will have to hurry a bit more. He or she may be hard to hear above the crowded room. It may not feel spa like.

  • After Thanksgiving, current year boots will no longer be on sale; they will sell at full retail price.

  • Closeout boots will have been picked through.

Customers arrive in big numbers every day in mid season. There can be long waiting lists for a chance to sit down with a fitter. Other customers will be in line while you are getting fit and they may be glaring at you while they wait. Your fitter may not have time even to get lunch, so he or she may be a bit crankier. The shop will be noisy and “un spa like".

You’ll still get a great boot fitting experience, but will have missed the opportunity to save time and save money.

So come in now, before Thanksgiving. Call for an appointment or just stop by. Bring pants you can comfortably get up over your knees, your ski socks, any orthotic footbeds you use, your skis, your old boots and a smile. Let's get this done early. Let's find a good closeout or sale boot for you to love. Lets save you time. Lets save you money. Let's all be more prepared for when the snow flies! We are waiting. The spa music is on...

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