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Boots and Custom Boot Fitting

full tilt alpine dalbello fischer head strolz salomon tecnica daleboot Boots are the most important element in the ski gear equation. Without proper fit, feet become cramped, tired and loose feeling. When feet ache, the body resists making skis turn properly. But there's more at stake than comfort, as important as that is.

A boot that does not fit properly not only will cause discomfort, it will decrease skiing performance and can even lead to serious injury. We can fit you in the best boot for your skiing ability. We have the training and certification to select the proper boot for your foot, make any adjustments to the shell and foot beds and correct for pronation, bunions, chronic injuries and other abnormalties.

Many large retailers have a habit of sizing someone with problem feet in a boot that ends up being way too big. "it felt great in the store," is a common admission from problem-fit customers who have been ill-served in this manner once they reach the hill and discover the problems with badly fit boots.

We've made our name in the local ski industry with our attention to boot fitting. We are certified by Masterfit University to handle a variety of foot issues that might need simple or extensive mechanical correction when required. We offer custom insoles, canting, lifts and special liner modifications, all to make your day on the slopes more enjoyable!

The right boot doesn't cost any more than the wrong boot, so get out of those old, loose fitting boots that "feel right" and get into a new boot that "fits right". Our fit is guaranteed!

Custom Foot beds

Foot beds are perhaps the most often overlooked components of a skier’s equipment. This is because of a number of issues. Foremost may be that many shops do not have the knowledge or equipment to make custom foot beds, so they do not talk about them much. Secondly, the cost factor is high and while every skier needs skis, boots, bindings and poles to participate in our sport, they do not need good foot beds simply to get out on the mountain to ski. Many therefore choose not to spend money on a foot bed.

The fact is, however, that almost all skiers benefit greatly from upgraded foot beds. Some people may be fine with an off-the-shelf aftermarket foot bed that suits their foot structure. Others will get full benefit from a custom foot bed. Some people may have problems that are best addressed by a podiatrist who specializes in athletic footwear or ski boots. Whatever your situation is, the staff at California Ski Company can help you evaluate your foot bed needs and steer you in the right direction.

Feet are complicated instruments. They vary in all people and change as we get older. With stock insoles, most of our feet do not get the proper support they need from below. There are some common scenarios that come up time and again while fitting boots and liners. The most common example of this in relation to foot beds is that in many cases we find our customers have “pronation” issues that can be addressed by a custom foot bed.  Pronation is a misalignment of bone structure that occurs when one puts weight on the foot. As you weight the foot, your arch flattens and ankle and leg bones move out of their natural alignment. Statistics show that reducing pronation can increase comfort and boost performance in up to 80% of the skiers on the mountain. Pronation in a stock boot can be up to 15 degrees. A custom foot bed can reduce this to 2-6 degrees. 

Every ski boot comes with a simple insole. The stock insole typically is made of a thin flexible material that serves as a sort of thin padding as well as providing a soft surface to stand on. Boots are designed to hold the foot in a very rigid posture. They must allow the lower leg to aid in tipping the ski on edge. The standard plastic boot with four buckles does a pretty good job of doing this. It wraps around the lower leg and pushes down upon the top of the foot in a way that creates a solid fit. Unfortunately, stock foot beds cannot adjust to effectively support the foot from below.

Stock insoles must be made of soft material that lacks built-in support because they are designed not to present problems over a wide range of foot shapes and are targeted to no specific foot shape. This is the problem. Wearing a ski boot without a custom foot bed is like standing on a hard flat surface. The boot, however, must be very tightly fit; many times buckles are simply tightened to a high degree to prevent foot movement inside the boot. This often simply crushes the unsupported foot to the point that the arch is reduced, blood vessels and nerves are pinched and discomfort follows.

A custom foot bed is one that is molded to fit the underside shape of your foot. Custom foot beds eliminate the need for over-tightening while at the same time giving a much higher degree of comfort and support to the foot. In most instances, a custom foot bed will also improve your ability to use the boot to tip skis up into a carving angle.  

Put It All together

At California Ski Company, our bootfitters will discuss your boot needs, examine your foot structure and recommend the boot that has the most appropriate shell and liner for your needs. In almost all cases, we also recommend an after market foot bed. Just slipping in a higher quality foot bed during the fitting process is enough to convince almost of our customers to at least add this to their purchase. After inspecting and evaluating your feet, we may recommend a custom foot beds.

Pronation, supination, flat-footed or high-arched; whatever the case may be, it is our goal to see that you end up with a boot fit that supports you in a well-aligned, neutral position. It's all about comfort and performance!


"This is the first time I felt like I was in control of my skis! My feet didn't hurt at the end of the first day on my new Tecnica's!! Thanks Cal Ski!!" -T. Skinner, Oakland ,Ca

"After a season in my Head World Cup Foam boots, I asked myself, why I hadn't I gotten custom liners 15 years ago? The fit is AMAZING!!!" - Dave V, Berkeley, CA

"I love my new boots! John definitely guided me to the PERFECT FIT!! I am glad I spent the extra time getting a proper fit from California Ski Company! I refer all of my friends there!"- J. Vanderlaag, Berkeley, Ca