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bay area california specialty ski shop

Meet The California Ski Company Staff


Our full time staff:

Greg Whitehouse

gregGreg is the ever present owner of California Ski Company. Greg started skiing in central Pennsylvania as a small child. Moving to California as a teenager, Greg spent most High School weekends at Bear Valley. After college Greg was involved in the bicycle industry with Pacific Bicycle as part owner and general manager ( ). This job left most of his free time in the winter months. Most of this time was spent skiing and he continued to grow a passion for the sport. A  Masterfit Master Bootfitter, Greg is also a skilled ski tech. Racking up 20 plus days per year testing skis from our brands as well as others, Greg usually gets in 40-50 total ski days yearly from Sugar Bowl to Switzerland  to Chili. If it is winter and Greg is not skiing, you can find him here.  

Primary skis- Fischer RC4 Race SC Slalom, Stockli Stormrider XL, Head Mojo 105
Boots- Dalbello Proton 14 (Intuition Liners)

John Oshima

johnJohn is the lead bootfitter at California Ski Company. His natural boot fitting gifts have been fine tuned over time with an advanced degree from Masterfit University and multiple Superfeet courses. John has also attended numerous other training seminars and collaborates with other Master Bootfitters on the latest and greatest.  John is on the cutting edge of stretching, grinding, custom liners and everything else that has to do with boots. Many of our custom boot fitting and balancing devices were built by John, a Masterfit certified Master Bootfitter. Expect to hear all about the "Bode punch" from John this year.

Primary Skis- Head World Cup Slalom, Head Mojo 90, Stöckli DP
Boots- Dalbello Krypton Pro

Martin Sulser

martinMartin is our lead ski tech and specializes in hand finished race tunes. Martin moved to the United States in 1960 to distribute Henke boots. They were leather but had the mind blowing feature of buckles instead of laces! That same year Martin opened Swiss Ski Sports in San Francisco with his fellow countryman Heinz Herzog. Heinz left to become president of Raichle ski boots, while Martin continued with his successful career as a ski retailer. After closing the retail store in 2004 Martin came to work for California Ski Company. In addition to running the shop, Martin continues the ski racing career he had begun in Switzerland and still successfully races to this day. Martin was the masters overall far West Champion in 2005. Previously he had raced with many of the greats including Franz Klammer and many others. Martin held the record downhill time for the famous Parsenne downhill course in Davos Switzerland, and has been presented with a winners trophy by the prince of Monaco. Martin, like many of us a Masterfit Master Bootfitter, has seen and done more in this industry than most and has the stories to prove it! Come by and hear a few for yourself. 

Primary Skis- Head World Cup Slalom, Head World Cup Giant Slalom
Boots- Head Raptor 120

Gary Kitagawa


Masterfit Associate Bootfitter Gary Kitagawa comes to us after a "first life" career as tax audit specialist for our great state of California. Gary is a Heavenly Valley property owner and spends most of his ski days on the South Shore. An avid fisherman, Gary journeys to Alaska annually and you won't find him complaining about 5 am and cold when it's time to go skiing. He does it year round to fish the bay as well! A Masterfit University Associates Plus bootfitting graduate, Gary will take part in all aspects of the store.

Primary Skis - Salomon X-Wing Fury
Boots - Dalbello Krypton Pro

The Part-time Team

Earl Flad

earlEarl manages to get his hours in at Calskico as well as fulfilling his commitments as a patroller at Dodge Ridge. Earl has two children that have completed successful High School ski racing careers and one that’s just getting started. That’s a job in itself! Earl has seen starting gates all over the west.

Primary Ski- Volant Machete (but really prefers to just demo them all)

Becky McVittie

beckyBecky worked at Squaw while attending Davis and never lost the Ski bug. Still willing to catch the first lift as well as the last one, Becky is a bundle of positive energy both at work and on the slopes. While specializing in rentals and clothing, Masterfit Associate Bootfitter Becky will never let you forget the meaning of “hard core”.

Primary Ski- Head Monster im75 chip

Rebecca Whitehouse

rebeccaNow attending Chico Sate, Rebecca is a legacy at California Ski Company and is using her earnings to finance as many ski trips as possible this season. This is because one of Rebecca’s favorite activities is destroying the boys from her school on the slopes. After having passes at Dodge Ridge when she was younger, Rebecca then decided she would rather ski at the variety of slopes that Tahoe has to offer. Now she seems to prefer more exotic places like Termas Chile or anywhere else cool that she can get her dad to take her. Rebecca works rentals and clothing.

Primary Skis- Head Wild Thang
Boots- Dalbello Krypton Lotus

Jennifer Whitehouse

jenniferJennifer is another legacy here at the shop. When she is not busy being a University of Oregon student, Jennifer works as much as possible. She needs to work to afford the Gore Tex wardrobe necessary in Eugene! When at the shop, Jennifer's favorite activity is counting the money at the end of the day. She just may be a small business owner herself one day! A gifted athelete, skiing is just one of the many sports Jennifer enjoys. On the slopes you may find her wearing pink snakeskin pants with a pink jacket or she may go all black. A human mood ring? Either way, Jen loves to ski!

Primary skis- Fischer Vi50
Boots- Dalbello Krypton Lotus

Every-Now-and-Then Staff:

Brian Tai

BrianBrian raced his way through High School. He didn't know any other way as his dad worked at the mountain so that was where Brian hung out anyway. After High School Brian got his degree from Dartmouth in fine arts- primarily working with wood. Brian has been transferring these talents to grinding skis and shows promise as a future master tech. A beautiful technical skier, Brian is a joy to watch on the slopes. Always pushing new limits, Brian also spends time with his Randonee setup. Last winter his ski trip was a week in an isolated cabin in the Canadian Rockies bagging peaks and whooping it up on the way back down.

Primary Ski- Fischer Atua 96

Peter Chapko

PeterPeter was a North Lake Tahoe resident for many years as a ski bum and as the proprietor of a bike shop that did ski rentals in the winter. More recently Peter spent a number of seasons as a ski instructor in Idaho. Now a Berkeley resident, Peter found his way to us because the primary passion in his life is...Skiing! Peter is a Masterfit University Assiciate Bootfitter graduate and will be bootfitting as well as backing up Martin in the back shop.

Primary Skis - Nordica Speedmachine 12
Boots - Dalbello Proton 14

Dan Winter


Aptly named, Dan is the former owner of California Ski Company. An expert boot fitter, Dan has written articles on the subject as well as teaching the art to many students of the craft through the years. Dan takes it pretty easy these days but finds plenty of days to ski with us and will work if we really need him to fill in.

Jeremy Jones

jjJJ is another transplanted Pennsylvania boy. Growing up skiing at Ski Roundtop, JJ spent most of his time out of bounds building kickers in the woods. Our former lead tech—with awesome skills at bringing skis back from the dead—Jeremy now works at a high tech business but fills in when Martin is racing. That way he keeps his discounts!

Primary ski- Jeremy joined the dark side and spends his time cruising around on something that looks sort of like a narrow garbage can lid. He more than keeps up and he can truly carve the thing, so we hang with him anyway.

George Crown


Crowny, our former Head rep, spends a number of days each year working the floor here. An expert in all aspects of skiing and ski retail, George takes a good picture so he gets to be on the staff page.

Primary ski- Crowny can ski absolutely anything at World Class level; another reason we like to have him around!.

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