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Gordini Gloves can prevent frostbite; they’re that warm!


Bring on the weather; Gordini gloves are up to the task!

Since 1956 Gordini has been designing the warmest gloves on the market—innovation is key. Gordini has engineered its gloves to be the best in performance, durability and warmth. Gordini utilizes the best known products on the market, including GoreTex, Goose Down and Primaloft. The company also has developed patented technical products: Lavawool, Naturaloft and Aquabloc. As a result, Gordini is currently dominating the ski glove industry.

Gordini’s glove design priority is warmth. Here's how they do it:

Some of Gordini’s top notch developments:

Lavawool material keeps you dry and warm in cold weather. It is made up of the same insulating properties as wool yet wicks moisture quickly from your skin.

Gordini’s Naturaloft insulate the gloves with even distribution of 550 power goose down on the back of the hand. Also, Naturaloft inserts allows the gloves to be breathable and waterproof and promote wicking of moisture, while maintaining their loft.

Aquabloc is a waterproof, breathable, windproof technology that allows moisture to release from the glove but does not let moisture penetrate through the glove.

For more information on Gordini Gloves visit the Gordini site.

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