Ski Rental Policy


RENTAL RATES are charged for all days after pickup day and before return day, including holidays. Pickup and return days are free. (Return before 4pm to avoid additional day charge).

JUNIOR SKIS are for those who meet all the following criteria:

< 100 lbs
160 ski length or less
12 years and younger

RENTAL RESERVATIONS – once customer is in-store fitted, we will reserve equipment for up to 2 days before pickup. We cannot reserve equipment that is not on premises. Christmas, MLK, and Presidents weekends are a 5-day reservation. All reserved equipment must be paid for in full.

RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS will result in a store credit for the rental amount, less $10 to cover the cost of setting up and holding the equipment.

EARLY RETURNS will result in a store credit for the amount of unused days less one day. For example, a four day rental returned after only 2 days will be credited for the difference in price between a 3 day rental and 2 day rental. A 3 day rental returned after only 2 days will not be credited.

STORE CREDITS must be used in the season they are given, and may be applied to rentals or merchandise.

LATE RETURNS will be charged for all extra days of rental.

CONDITION OF RETURNED EQUIPMENT – Equipment must be returned clean and dry to avoid a $10 cleaning fee. Damaged skis will be charged accordingly