What is a ski tune? | Wax Your Skis More!

Not all Tunes are Created Equal!

Let California Ski Company get your skis running like new again with a SUPERTUNE! We carefully belt sand the bases of your ski to 1 degree base edges, then run your skis over a stone grinder for precise linear pattern base structuring and finish with de-burring, de-tune and hand-wax. Your skis have never performed this well!!

Martin SulzerMaster tech Martin Sulser has been tuning skis for more than 4 decades

2014 Service Rates



Full Ski Tune with stone grind (light cross hatch structure, edges set at 1° base and 2°side edges) : $50 + P-tex work
Full Tune with custom structure: add $20
Full Ski tune with hand filed base edge: add $10
Full Ski Tune with hand dressed edges: add $30
Hand Hot Wax: $10
Wax and Edge: $20
Hot Box Wax: $30
Race Prep Hot Box Wax (three stage penetration with progressively harder waxes-no overlay): $60
P-tex work: $1 per inch
Repair Core Shot: $15
Base Replacement: $30 per template cut
Edge Replacement/Fix: $20-$100
Epoxy Top Sheet: $10-20
Mount Bindings: $50
HeliCoil Bindings: $2 per drill hole
Binding Removal: $8
Binding Function Test: $18
Pole Cutting: $5 each
Pole Basket Replacement: $4 each (plus parts)
Custom Boot Fitting: $60 per hour
Boot Stretch: $20-$80
Buckle Replacement: $20 (plus parts)
Boot Toe/Heel Replacement: $4 each (plus parts)
Boot Board Modification: $10-30
Rush Fee (you need it ASAP!): $10 additional