Heading into the meat of the season…

Wow. How busy can it be? Not much more busy than the last 10 days. I am sooo glad to get a day to relax and catch up on basic needs like laundry and shopping for food. It has been nonstop rocking! Not that it isn’t expected to happen like thisl You sell about 275 pairs of boots before it snows and then the customers ski them all at the same time and bring them in for adjustments and bootfitting. Those skiers going up all bring their skis in for tunes (I need ’em tomorrow!). Standard and seasonal rentals are still keeping us busy all day long. Goggles, long underwear, heat packs…what else do I they need to refill or replace? It’s just crazy. This year was a pretty ideal situation for the Christmas ski vacation. A good dump a week or so before Christmas followed by good weather. That senerio leads to off the hook business. Thanks to the staff fer sure! Lot’s of overtime but not one complaint about it. They have done whatever is necessary to get the job done. Everything has been ready on time. I have a bunch of talented hardworking ezperts surrounding me and the outcome shows. Mitsi has been a great addition this year and Brian has become a star. John, Todd and Martin are exactly what I have come to expect- consistant and fabulous. Erle, Becky, Rebecca and the rest of the “fill ins” have been there when needed. I would be nowhere without them all. I hope I tell them that enough. Now comes the trade shows and the meat of the season. Many vacations make the schedule challenging, but we will get it done! See you at the shop!

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