Hiring, training, and waiting for snow…

Ho hum. Not too much going on right now. A few items trickling in from Fed Ex and UPS, but most of the early shipments have arrived. There is very little pressing business from a customer traffic standpoint and it is sort of a “dog days” of fall here at the shop. Everyone is pretty relaxed.
The the big kick off sale is over- and I wish to thank you all very much- it was a great sale! So the chaos of preparation for that event is done. And so now we move on to the next phase of the life cycle of a ski season. Not much day to day customer traffic flow, but lot’s to do before it snows. Off the top of my head, we probably have about six weeks to:
-Receive the rest of the big orders ( Where are you Lange Boots?).
-Make the store look like a retail operation instead of a Barn full of boxed goods. Including a complete new store merchandising round with all new tags for the 2012/13 season.
-Put together a bunch of back country ski rentals
– Tune about a hundred pairs of skis
– Hire 3-4 new faces
– schedule all our training sessions with the manufacturers reps
– schedule all our training sessions for our in house training
– get everyone checked out on all the binding indemnification tests (~10 employees x four brands = 40 tests, plus Martin, Ian, Seth and myself on a few other brands)
– Re-do the web site
-Thouroughly clean the whole shop
– buy and install some shelving units
– fix the toaster oven…
Well let’s just say that my list is over two pages long right now. But there is a sort of dead week right now amidst this sluggish time here where nothing is REALLY pressing, so…
I’m going fishing!
See ya next week!

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