The Mountain Ahead

Mount Shasta is the first big ascent for a lot of backcountry skiers. Anyone that has driven up Interstate 5 to climb or ski Mt. Shasta will remember the first time it came into view. The mountain stands out against the surrounding landscape to such an extent that it can take your breath away.

You realize that this event is a Brave New World.

You will go higher than you have gone. You will face situations that you have not faced before. There are many unknowns. As a business we are feeling a bit like that. We have been closed yet busier than ever. It seems we have a lot to prepare for. The “experts” say things will be different for a long time. Constant change is to be expected. New rules and expectations.

As is our way we look at this as both a challenge and an opportunity. We have to do it right.

So if we were skiing Shasta we would prep carefully. Make smart equipment choices. Check and maintain gear. Prepare physically and mentally. Map out our route carefully.

At the shop it is the same. Go over business models. Recheck physical inventory levels on everything. Communicate with vendors. Listen to a lot of information on Zoom. Monitor City, County and State regulations. Prep the store with the equipment necessary to safely run the shop once we open.

We honestly do not know exactly how any of this is going to play out. Like a ski tour, we have to be ready for many different weather and snow conditions. Have our resources ready. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

We got to start curbside drop-off and pickup services this week and we have done more business than expected.

We started a gift certificate sale and have sold more than expected.

So far things have been better than expected. Thank you all for that! We hope the same for everyone. Let’s all help each other out to make the other side better than expected in every way possible. We hope to see you soon!

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