Falling in Love

I met my wife selling her ski boots. I pretty much knew right away. Often love works like that. There is a chemical reaction that takes place for some reason that puts out some magic. It gets into my brain and makes me a bit crazy and very happy. It happens to me with skis sometimes too.

Other times it takes a bit longer. Sometimes I need to get to know a ski for a bit before I end up realizing I am in love. I have heard that “spiritual awakenings” can happen to people in both of these manners too. Some folks have the burning bush thing and some find it in a gradual way.

The 2021/22 Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition happened in the former way. Like with my wife, I knew right away that this was a thing of great beauty. But lot’s of skis are good looking. Then like my wife the Ripstick ended up having all the other qualities I look for. Wham! by the end of the first run I knew. This was the one. My favorite ski of this last demo season.

A few years ago my favorite ski was my Wagner Custom. Unlike the Elan I did not know right away. I was even a bit skeptical at first. Over the course of the season however it turned out that I found it to be my “go to” ski for most conditions, and it and I became like one being. I swear that ski can read my mind. It just took a while for us to get to know each other.

I find it cool that you get on a ski and over a short period of time, you learn what the ski needs of you to get it to behave the way you expected. Then, as you learn, you get to like it more and more. Most skis are really pretty good. They just may not function exactly like the ski you have been spending time with lately.

So my hope is that the Elan’s will be a long term love. I got them this spring and got to ski them a fair bit. I have not lost any enthusiasm at all. I am finding that the more I ski them the more I respect them and their ability to be sim ply awesome in all ways.

Like my wife. I knew from the start that I had that feeling. I loved her. Over time I got to know her better. With this came an even deeper kind of love. One born from trust and respect. That is my Wagner Custom experience. I trust and respect them. If all goes as hoped I will feel that way about my Elan’s after a few dozen days on snow. I sure hope that is how it goes!

All this metaphorical talk comparing my wife to my skis leads me to wonder- I know that I am a one woman man but…am I a ski Polygamist?

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