The staff at Mammoth- Spring ’06

Here’s the folks from my world…

May 2006- Neil the squirrel, Brian Tai, J-Mat, Martin, Timetrial Todd Thomas, Me, Heather and Christian, and Johnny O. in a staff photo. This was from our annual spring staff trip to Mammoth Mountain. As seems to be the case more often than not during these “end of season” trips, we got dumped on. This was about May 5th. A year two before we had gotten four great days of spring conditions and were scheduled to come home Sunday night. I left on Sunday around 2:00pm as a big storm was coming in and I had a comittment at home the next day and had to get over the pass before it hit. Asking if anyone else wanted to come along to beat the storm they all looked at me with puzzled expressions. I seemed to be the only one with any concerns about road conditions. Finally Matt (Mr. Happy) stepped up and said “sorry dude, but you’re on your own”. When I didn’t respond he continued “you don’t get it, dude, the shop is closed for the summer. You just layed us all off. We have no jobs, we have nowhere to be, a storm is about to hit, and we are in a hotel room on your credit card. We’re staying!” I told them they could stay till Tuesday. It snowed about 3 feet. I drove home alone. Good times!

Wow, so here I am. I am a blogger. I went to a workshop put on by SIA (Snowsports Industries of America) today and came away spinning. There were four sections and the final one concerned the web. I (and pretty much everyone else) expected a bunch of statistics about the percentage of ski sales being done over the internet and how it is eroding the dealerbase blah, blah, blah…

Instead, we had a guy named Ben Snyder from a business called Sage Island and the title of his presentation was “Web 2.0”. Blew my mind! Now I am finally getting what friends of mine like Dave ( and Jim ( are all about regarding their use of the internet as a personal and business portal to the world!

So it’s 5:02am and I have been up most of the night going to various web sites and seeing incredible things. I find that I have let social technology pass me by. I see it all around me now that I know how to recognise it. Hmmm, social technology (that’s my phrase and I think I like it!) is here to stay and I am diving right in- right now.

I don’t know where this will all go but I have some great ideas to get the shop exposure out there and that is the primary goal. So off we go into the future!