Contactless Protocol

Welcome Back! 

California Ski Company is excited to announce we have begun curbside drop off and pick up service from 11am-5pm, Monday thru Friday. As always, the safety of our customer’s and employees is our top priority.  As we implement this new phase of service,  we will be adhering to the CDC and County guidelines with the following protocol.

Please call the shop at 510/527-6411 to schedule your appointment.

When you arrive at your scheduled time at CalSkiCo, please park in the designated space marked  pick-up / drop off. 

We will watch for you, and any identifying information you provide.

In front of the store, there will be a freshly sanitized table for you to leave your item on.

Please do not leave any item without calling the store first. Please return to your vehicle after setting your item on the table. 

We will sanitize our hands, put a fresh mask and gloves on prior to coming out of the store to pick up your item.

At which time, we will wipe down your item with sanitizer wipes prior to bringing any product into the store.

Also, we will disinfect the table once we have removed your item from it. 

The same protocol will occur for pick-up. Your item will be sanitized and left on a freshly cleaned table once you notify us of your arrival.

We will bring freshly sanitizer item out gloved and masked out to the table for your pick up. 

Please stay in your car until we are safely back in the shop. We always encourage everyone to wear masks for extra safety. 

We encourage contactless financial transactions over the phone to further ensure everyone’s safety. 

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We look forward to welcoming everyone back into  CalSkiCo soon! 

Stay safe and healthy!

Your CalskiCo Family