Erle Flad

Earl manages to get his hours in at Calskico as well as fulfilling his commitments as a patroller at Dodge Ridge for more than 15 years.

Earl has three children who have completed successful High School ski racing careers, one of whom has competed at the college level. Two of his children are currently are/were ski industry professionals as instructors and coaches.

Best house for staff parties. Best house to attend ANY party. Wax and Race expert. Rentals god. Shipping and receiving and a certified Master Bootfitter as well.

Boot fitting: almost 60 years!
Skiing since age 4
Favorite ski area: “I love ’em all, but in CA, Mammoth.”
Favorite terrain: steeps and trees
Skis: “More than Winks! I especially like my Blizzard Brahmas, Line Supenaturals, maybe a good stiff race ski.”
Boots: “Mostly Dalbello Lupo, but I am always experimenting with different boots.”
Binding preference: “Hmmmmm… Salomon.”
Skiing style: “The Godfather, The Don, The Man . . . should I continue?