Gregory Winkels

Winks starting out on the Dark Side back as a young padawan, Winks was able to see the light and seamlessly made the transition to Skiing. Using knowledge gained from Snowboarding, Winks took an interest in skis and in the industry; the rest, as they say, became history. After working as a boot fitter in the Bay Area and then Tahoe, Winks finally landed his “dream job” at California Ski Company. He spends part of his time now as an assistant to Martin in the back room as well as continuing his role as a Master Bootfitter. Winks also handles our Facebook page and other aspects of marketing. Winks skis a ton and has never lost the zest to hit the slopes anywhere. One of his goals for 2016 is to ski every month – that’s kinda’ how Winks rolls…

Boot fitting: 10 years
Skiing since 2009
Favorite ski area: Sierra at Tahoe
Favorite terrain: Groomers, trails, park
Skis: Waaaay too many; just ask him when you come in
Boots: “Mostly Dalbello Lupo, but I am always experimenting with different boots.”
Binding preference: Salomon STH
Skiing style: “Newschooler for sure! Freestyle, nearly all of my skis are mounted close to the center.” According to Martin, Winks doesn’t know what edges on a ski actually are!