Z Kimberly Collins

Kim, a recreational skier her entire adult life, has spent her carer in the fields of office management and accounting. Seeking the perfect professional fit in 2013, she realized that what she really wanted to do was to enter the ski business utilizing her office management background; she found California Ski Company and her dreams came true.

Kim handles office work as well as managing our rental program. In off season, she works at Royal Robbins next door. She even persuaded Greg to hire son Jordan, keeping it all in the family — life is good for Kim!

Boot fitting: “I last fit into my size 2 jeans in ’81…is that what you’re asking? Did I mention that I RUN RENTALS?”
Skiing since the late ’70s
Favorite ski area: Bear Valley
Favorite terrain: “Skiing trees with the girls from Head  and K2 teams.”
Skis: “I run rentals; I ski what I want!”
Boots: Fischer Vacuum
Binding preference: “Anything but Marker; Did I mention I run rentals?”
Skiing style: “Straightest line to the Bar? Kidding. I don’t really have a favorite part of the mountain. I guess I like the top the best.”