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Not all Tunes are Created Equal!

Let California Ski Company get your skis running like new with a SUPERTUNE!

Martin Sulzermartin tuning
Master technician Martin Sulser has been tuning skis for more than 5 decades.

[more about ski tuning here, including DIY waxing tips]

2016 Service Rates

Our Standard Tune has a stone ground medium cross hatch structure, edges set at 1 degree base and 2 degree side, finished with a hand hot wax $60 skis
$75 snowboards
+ P-tex work
Full Tune with custom structure: add $20
Full Ski tune with hand filed base edge: add $10
Full Ski Tune with hand dressed edges: add $30
Hand Hot Wax: $15 skis
$25 snowboards
Wax and Edge: $35
Hot Box Wax: $40
Race Prep Hot Box Wax (three stage penetration with progressively harder waxes-no overlay): $60
P-tex work: $1 per inch
Repair Core Shot: $20
Base Replacement: $40 per template cut
Edge Replacement/Fix: $40 - $200
Top Sheet Repair: $20 & up
Mount Bindings:

$25 with purchase of skis and/or bindings from Calskico

$50 retail purchase from another ski shop, receipt required

$75 internet purchase

Paper jig mounts: $75 & up

Quiver Killer inserts: $5 per drill hole (plus mount fee)

Binding Removal only $10

HeliCoil Bindings: $4 per drill hole
Binding Removal: $10
Binding Function Test: $20
Pole Cutting: $5 each
Pole Basket Replacement: $4 each (plus parts)

Miscellaneous needs

Shop Rate is $90 per hour

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