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california bay area specialty ski shop specializing in custom boot fitting and back country

Custom Ski Boot Fitting
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California Ski Company in Berkeley, California is the Bay Area's only specialty ski shop, selling ski equipment – and ski equipment only – since 1989. The most knowledgeable and highly trained staff in the Bay Area is dedicated to assisting you; our mission is to ensure your skiing satisfaction!

Every enjoyable ski experience starts with the right equipment, whether you're droppin'  the Palisades, skiing Shasta, or simply looking for the best skis to help you get to the next level.

There are few “bad” modern skis, but there can be bad matches between ski and skier. Do you want a ski that will accelerate your technical development? Or do you simply wish to make what you already do easier and more fun? Whatever your needs or wants, we help you find the perfect ski.

Ski boots are even more important than skis. Boots form 100% of the connection between skier and ski; they are the control link between skier, skis and snow.

Your enjoyment starts with happy feet. We specialize in custom boot fitting and orthotics and assure not only perfect fit but also ultimate performance, tailored to your specific needs.

Come meet the experts who ski what they sell!

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