Custom Ski Boot Fitting

It all begins with your feet. Custom ski boot fitting is an important part of your overall skiing experience.

Your feet are your direct connection to the ground beneath you. Slip them into a pair of ski boots and they form the direct connection to your skis. Only when your feet are supported in a neutral and balanced position are you able to ski with grace and power.

The crew at California Ski Company blend science and craftsmanship to customize every boot we sell. Our ultimate goal is to build you a pair of boots that will allow you to ski with more control, comfort and confidence than you have ever imagined possible.

Over the years we have developed an effective process to help us achieve our goal of getting you into a great fitting and performing boot.

We begin by performing a comprehensive skier assessment, which includes determining your ability, skiing goals, prior boot history and any special concerns you may have.

Then we examine your feet and legs, focusing on mechanics, structure and balance.

With this process complete, we select one or two pairs of boots that best suit your anatomy and ability; your feedback helps us determine which boot has the best combination of balance, flex and comfort for you.

The next step is to fabricate footbeds. A well-crafted custom footbed is an essential component of any high performance ski boot. The vast majority of skiers are not properly supported by the stock insoles supplied with boots. Such a lack of support leads to less than optimal comfort, control and confidence.

Our footbeds accommodate your natural stance and support you in a balanced position. This balanced stance is the foundation for comfortable athletic skiing performance.

Once your foot is in a stable position, we identify how best to optimize your fore-aft balance within the boots. A platform that affords you a neutral, balanced stance allows you to ski with less effort and more confidence.

The next step in the process is to determine how shell and liner may be modified to further fine tune balance and alignment. This brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of maintaining you in perfect balance.

The final step in the process is to optimize your lateral balance. Effective edge control largely depends on correct lateral alignment. This is achieved primarily by adjusting the cuff of the boot as well as determining if boot or binding cants are necessary.

By carefully blending all of these elements, we will craft you a pair of boots that will encourage you to ski with a natural and relaxed style with quickness, agility and—most importantly—you’ll have more fun than ever!

If you follow all the steps we recommend, your new boots will qualify for our fit guarantee under which any adjustments will be performed free of charge for one year.