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The Key To Crafting the Right Fit

The right ski boot, properly and comfortably fitted, is the key to both performance and enjoyment on the mountain. Using everything from vintage cobbler’s tools to state-of-the-art scanning technology, our experienced and highly-trained bootfitters will select and custom-fit your boots, crafting them to provide the comfort, performance and confidence you desire, whatever your ability level.

The Benefits of Custom-Fitting Your Boots

As any skier with custom ski boots will tell you, the fit, comfort, and performance of a fitted boot is unlike anything you have experienced using hand-me-downs, rental equipment or off-the-shelf boots. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get a custom boot fitting at our East Bay shop.

All day warmth: the benefits of a custom ski boot fitting
All-Day Warmth & Comfort

A properly fitted ski boot improves circulation and promotes your foot’s natural warming ability meaning you’ll enjoy greater comfort on the slopes.

Less Break-In Time

Custom fitted boots are designed to fit your feet perfectly, which means that you’ll enjoy greater comfort on the slopes with minimal break-in effort

Proper foot support: benefits of a custom boot fitting
Improve Your Technique

When your feet are properly supported and aligned you’ll ski with greater confidence and control. Proper alignment improves technique and reduces fatigue. This can help take your skiing to the next level.

crossed skis icon: custom boot fitting and ski rentals
Reduced Risk of Injury

When your feet are properly supported, you’re less likely to experience pain or discomfort—and this can help prevent injuries on the slopes.

The Process

Our shop has been consistently recognized by ski boot manufacturers, Masterfit University, and other ski shops as one of the country’s best bootfitters. In addition to several Master Bootfitters, our staff also includes a certified, in-house pedorthist! 

We blend science and craftsmanship to customize every boot we sell. The result is a pair of boots that allow you to ski with more control, more comfort, and more confidence than you ever imagined possible.

1. Skier Assessment

We start your boot fitting with a comprehensive skier assessment where we discuss your ability, skiing goals, the resorts and terrain you prefer, prior boot history and any special concerns you may have. The assessment guides boot selection, flex pattern and fit strategy.

2. Biomechanical Examination

Next, your bootfitter will perform a biomechanical examination of  your feet and legs, focusing on mechanics, structure and balance.  The examination will identify any issues with alignment, range of motion (ROM) and structure and determine the degree of flexibility in your feet and ankles.

3. Boot Try-On & Selection

Armed with information about you as a skier and the physical characteristics of your feet and lower limbs, we select one or two pairs of boots for you to try on that best suit your anatomy and ability.  When trying on the boots, your feedback helps us determine which boot has the best combination of balance, flex and comfort for you.  You and boot fitter will agree on the new boot selection before any modifications are made to customize them.

4. Footbed Fabrication

The next step is to fabricate new footbeds. A well-crafted custom footbed is an essential component of any high performance ski boot. However, skiers of all abilities will benefit from a custom footbed; it’s not just for experts!  The vast majority of skiers are not properly supported by the stock insoles supplied with boots. This lack of support leads to less than optimal comfort, control and confidence as the foot and ankle are not stabilized and aligned properly. With the purchase of new boots, we discount the price of your custom footbed to $200.

Our footbeds accommodate your natural stance and support you in a balanced position. This balanced stance is the foundation for comfortable, athletic skiing performance.

5. Fore-Aft Balancing

Once your foot is in a stable position, we confirm and optimize your fore-aft balance in the boots. A platform that affords you a neutral, balanced stance lets you ski with less effort and more confidence.  If your leg muscles are firing to keep you in balance while just standing in your boots, your legs will be toast by lunchtime.  A balanced stance will have you happily making turns longer into the ski day!

6. Fine Tuning

Next, your bootfitter will determine how the shell and liner should be modified to further fine tune balance, alignment and fit. Shell modifications can include everything from shortening cuffs and punching out more space for bunions and ankle bones to full boot shell molding under vacuum pressure.  Your boot liners will be heat molded which improves the fit and accelerates the break-in period.

7. Lateral Alignment

The final step in the process is to optimize your lateral balance. Effective edge control largely depends on correct lateral alignment. This is achieved primarily by adjusting the cuff of the boot as well as determining if boot or binding cants are necessary.

By carefully blending all of these elements, we will build you a pair of boots encouraging you to ski with a natural, relaxed and confident style. You’ll be quick, agile, and—most importantly—you’ll have more fun than ever!

In addition, if you follow all the steps we recommend, your new boots will qualify for Comfort Guarantee, under which any adjustments will be performed free of charge for one year.
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