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Remember when it was uncool to rent?

Remember when you said, in 1986, just after Van Halen united with Sammy, that you were going to buy your own skis? And you still have those same skis?

Whether new to the sport, or returning for another year, you may find rentals are a sensible alternative to purchasing your own equipment before you’re ready. We have all of the latest shapes and styles available for DEMO as well.

3′ of fresh and you’ve got toothpicks?  No worries, we have fat boards to float you to pow-pow heaven. If you have no idea what any of that means, stop in and talk to us about your needs.


All you need to do is stop in anytime before you are ready to go up for the winter, although pre-season is the best time. We’ll help you identify your skier type and keep your info on file so you can simply CALL AHEAD to reserve skis anytime – it’s best to reserve 5 days or so in advance for busy weekends.


Seasonal rentals are also available. Our standard kids package at $235 is offered to help make it easier to get your growing children outfitted for the year and our premium kids package at $310 is the perfect answer for those little advanced skiers that need a ski that can keep up.  Act now; these packages are limited.


Our rental packages come in two styles. For the sake of sticking to industry jargon, we call them standard and performance.

rental rates (printable pdf)     | rental policies

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