Comfort Guarantee

Comfort Guarantee

While our experienced bootfitters try to anticipate all the dynamic forces you’ll generate while skiing, and incorporate that into your fitting, sometimes even custom-fitted boots require adjustments after first skiing in them. 

If you experience any fit or performance issues with your new boots, make a follow-up appointment where your bootfitter can diagnose the problem and modify the boots to correct the issue.  

With our Comfort Guarantee, any such adjustments are performed at no charge for one year

To Qualify for the Guarantee

  • All boot shell modifications deemed necessary by the bootfitter at the time of purchase must be performed.
  • A custom insole must be part of the boot setup. If you already have an insole, and we believe it to be effective, that’s great. If you don’t have an insole, one can be added at the discounted price of $200.
  • Please allow a 2-3 ski-day break-in period before asking for modifications.
  • Exchanges made at the discretion of management. If new condition, original box only.
  • Boots covered by the Comfort Guarantee will have a special sticker affixed.
  • The Comfort Guarantee does not include replacing or fixing damage to the boot.
    (Buckle replacement, new toes/heels, etc.)
  • Installation of aftermarket items, such as boot heaters, power straps, etc., are not covered.

Still have questions? 

Call us at 510-527-6411 to talk with one of our team members, or email us at [email protected].