From the Chairlift

October 11, 2023

Elan Ripstick 96 Review

Praised by testers and professional skiers, the Ripstick 96 is an all mountain weapon. They are super easy to ski. Light and predictable. With impeccable manners on groomed runs, this ski uses Amphibio technology to help you hold your form effortlessly. Due to their weight and easy flex they do have an attainable speed limit, but that speed limit is high. They are surprisingly good in junky snow for their weight. In powder they are sublime. This is a ski you can tour on. A ski you still feel fresh on while riding the last chair at the resort. A ski that may help a plateaued learning curve of a solid intermediate. Only the most physical, aggressive, and athletic skiers will be able to out power the Ripsticks. 

Who is it for? Crossover touring setups. Any intermediate or a lighter advanced to expert all mountain skier.