From the Chairlift

November 22, 2020

Such Skinny Skis!

We are now selling cross country skis. Snowshoes too! We have been renting both items for a few years now. The snowshoes are basic winter gear. Nordic skiing is a whole new sport. We had never dabbled in Nordic skiing other than as individuals on our day off, but the demand (based on phone inquiries) seemed to be growing. Then the last place in the bay area that rented them closed, so we decided to bring some in.

Now with the Covid 19 situation we feel that a lot of people that are not skiers may want to go to the Sierra to get some fun and exercise in. Some may be alpine skiers and that is what they will do. Others may not have any background in skiing. Those folks we believe will want to start with something that is inexpensive and easy to learn.

So what is the easy to learn start point? Snowshoes! They are like the hiking boots of the snow. Anyone that has not been out in the snow should try this. It is so quiet you can hear the trees groan and the snowmelt drip off the trees.

One step beyond the basic walk in the woods feeling of snowshoes is cross country or Nordic skiing. Nordic skiing typically takes place on prepared trails but you can go off trail too. There are two styles-classic and skate skiing. Skate skiing has some advantages in the speed department but the technique is harder to master. Both styles have aerobic benefits. Skate skis are also quite a bit more expensive. With all this in mind we have chosen to sell only a basic versatile classic ski setup. Fischer makes the top skis so we went with their best model for this purpose. Comfortable ski shoes that fit like sneakers too. We have a package price for skis boots and poles at the discounted price of $365. So now you can buy or rent both snowshoes and cross country skis from us. With no lift tickets involved, it is hard to find a less expensive or easier to learn activity for winter fun in the mountains!